SJTU Network & Information Center

The Network Information Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University, formerly the Computing Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University, was established in 1973. It is one of the earliest and largest computing centers in Chinese universities. In 1987, with the expansion of the university, a branch centre was established on the Minhang campus. It was officially converted into Network Information Center in 1996. In July 2004, after the establishment of the Information Office of the university, its name was changed to Network Center. In December 2006, the Information Center under the Information Office was merged into the Network Center, and the Network Center was renamed the Network Information Center again.

In March 2009, the Network Information Center shared the newly built Library and Information Building with the library on Minhang campus, which brought new development opportunities. The Network Information Center covers an area of 9,000 square meters, hosting the campus network, data center, high-performance computing center and other equipment room. A fully functional operation monitoring center and a comfortable service environment have been established to provide a good working environment for managers, developers and service personnel. It has become a new base for construction management, operational services, technology development, and research and experimentation for digital university.

As the core department of network security and information construction in the university, the current Network Information Center mainly undertakes three aspects of work:

First, responsible for the construction of the Shanghai node of China Education Research Network (CERNET), Shanghai Education Metropolis (SEMAN) and Shanghai Jiaotong University Campus Network (SJTUnet). It is the operation and management center of the three networks.

Second, it is responsible for the construction of various information systems of the university, and the management and formulation of school unit codes and information standards.

Third, responsible for the construction, operation and management of university-level computing platforms, providing computing services for teaching, management and scientific research.

After years of development, the Network Information Center has gradually established a high-level information technology service team, and has achieved good results in the accumulation of key next-generation Internet technologies, and the construction of network security system, cloud computing technology based on SaaS, high-performance computing and so on. In recent years, the Network Information Center has been adhering to the goal of "Double First Class" construction, continuously reforming and innovating, and constantly exploring output capabilities, and successfully realized the strategic transformation from "information provision" to "innovation empowerment". Its information service capabilities are deeply reflected in teaching, scientific research, management and other fields, and it ranks firmly in the forefront of Chinese universities.


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